The adventure continues at CONTEXT…


The adventure continues at CONTEXT…




Thank you for your stories …. I could never count the many people who have trusted me to be a scribe for their experiences.  This week I put an exclamation mark on my last Context Beyond the Headlines story, and I am in awe of the people who made Context possible.   People who cared enough to go public with their experiences, people who wanted a kinder world, people who knew God was connected to their journey.  There is no story telling without the great collective of people who go public with their thoughts, experiences and hopes, and thank you for trusting me with your insights.

My media career began forty years ago behind a radio microphone at the prairie radio station, CFAM in Altona, Manitoba.  The person with the voice, and it was usually me, gets too much credit, as it is the donors, the volunteer Board members, producers, editors, administration, and technical team who make any amplification possible.

My wonderful family endured so much in the journey as they volunteered, cheered, and so often told me I was good at this.

By the time we got to the place of shaping Context from an idea into some 800 broadcast and podcast episodes, we’d been all around the globe hearing how God works in the human condition.  So many great teammates shaped this voice. One fall, our team of six realized we had over twenty students trying to intern with us…. a crazy menagerie on the road to navigating our survival in hosting live studio audiences for our tapings.

They are simply too many people to say a heartfelt thank you to.

Hundreds of people have grown Context through the years with their donations and prayers.

People who believed, like I do, that God is active in our world, and we could find a bridge to God’s love and wisdom by simply looking deeper into the news shaping the globe.

The questions you ask matter, bringing God into a story shapes an outcome, and thank you to our donors who equipped us to do that week after week.

The future is brighter than ever for Context with the team that leads it forward.


We should make plans—counting on God to direct us.” Proverbs 16:9


Our Executive Producer and Showrunner, Susan Ponting has crafted Context for years and was our champion while I did double duty as a CEO, “Susan – you’ve got this – you rock!”

Welcome to Maggie John, who gives the most insightful, probing interviews, and will fit like a glove into the Context ethic.

Way back in 2001, Maggie began with Context as a student intern and Maggie shifts from a great interviewing and journalism career at 100 Huntley Street to Context, welcome Maggie, to life beyond the headlines.

Thank you all for being a wonderful audience, I was shaped by your feedback, by your support, by your corrections.

Each episode showed me how God has a reach into our human experience, and how we are invited to do the journey with God, and when you came to watch week after week, I think you knew that too.  With love and deep thankfulness for you all,


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