The Cue Panelists

Brian Dijkema

Brian Dijkema is the Vice President of External Affairs with Cardus, and an editor of Comment. Prior to joining Cardus, Brian worked for almost a decade in labour relations in Canada after completing his master’s degree with Cardus Senior Fellow, Jonathan Chaplin. He has also done work on international human rights, with a focus on labour, economic, and social rights in Latin America and China.

Brian can often be found making presentations on Parliament Hill, contributing to newspapers and periodicals across Canada and regularly speaks to industry and professional associations on labour, competitiveness and economic trends.

His primary research interest at Cardus are the institutional and policy relationships between government, civil society and the markets; with a particular view to exploring how a diverse civil society contributes to a vital and thriving market economy and stable government.

All of this, however, is chaff compared to the greatest accomplishment of his life: marrying his wife Nicole and being a father to their four children—an accomplishment memorialized recently by Gary Clement in the National Post. Brian and Nicole live with their children in a small villa on Hamilton’s mountain brow.

Twitter: @BrianDijkema; @cardusca

Jacky Habib

Jacky Habib is a Canadian journalist based between Toronto and Nairobi. Her work focuses on humanitarian issues, social justice, and women’s rights.

She has reported from a dozen African countries on issues including the famine in Ethiopia, refugee policy in Uganda, and the state of emergency with regard to sexual violence in Sierra Leone. Previously, she worked as a TV reporter in Kenya and a human rights media trainer in Ghana.

Her work has been published by NPR, CBC, Toronto Star, National Post, and Global Citizen, among others. Jacky also supports nonprofits with multimedia storytelling and advocacy campaigns.

Twitter: @JackyHabib
Instagram: jackyhabib

Moira McQueen

Moira McQueen, LL.B, M.Div., Ph.D  graduated in law from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and worked as a lawyer for several years, specializing in family law and juvenile court.

After her Master of Divinity Degree from the Faculty of Theology, University of St. Michael’s College and the Toronto School of Theology, she graduated with a PhD in moral theology, also from St. Michael’s. She has been teaching moral theology at St Michael’s Graduate Faculty of Theology in the University of Toronto since 1994, and has written and co-authored many articles and book chapters in bioethics, fundamental ethics and other areas. Her book Bioethics Matters was updated and republished in 2011 and she is currently working on a book on moral distinctions.

Dr McQueen was appointed Executive Director of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute in July, 2004. The Institute, chaired by Cardinal Collins, has a mandate to conduct research and education in bioethics from a Roman Catholic perspective, and pursues bioethical issues in palliative and end of life care, reproductive technologies, stem cell experimentation and regenerative medicine, genetics, transgender issues and other current areas.

As Executive Director, she is deeply involved in community education through CCBI’s courses in bioethics for parishes across the country, and through lecturing and consultancy sessions with school boards, health care institutions, priests’ seminars, conferences, and through media appearances. She is frequently consulted by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In September, 2014, Pope Francis appointed her for a five year term to the International Theological Commission, a 30-member Vatican advisory body within the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. She was the Canadian lay representative at the Second Synod on Marriage and the Family at the Vatican in October, 2015.

Moira and her husband Matthew have seven children and, to date, 10 grandchildren.

Last but not least, she was the founding President of the Serra Club of Halton in 2012, and is the incoming President of the Serra Canada Council.

Twitter: @MoiraMcQueen

Calvin Forbes

Calvin is a Creative Director/Butcher’s Apprentice/Storyteller/Pastor. Born in the GTA as a product of Jamaican/South African heritage, his diversity of work and family origin afford him the ability to offer unique perspectives on faith, art, and culture. He is currently in his 15th year of vocational ministry.

Twitter: @calvinjforbes @thehouseofcomm1
Instagram: thehouseofcommonshow
Facebook: @thehouseofcommonshow

Julia Beazley

Julia Beazley has been with the EFC since 1999, working mainly on issues of domestic and global poverty, homelessness, prostitution, pornography and human trafficking. She moved from her previous position as policy analyst to director of public policy in January 2016.

Twitter: @TheEFC
Instagram: evangelicalfellowshipofcanada
Facebook: @theefc

Colin Toffelmire

Colin Toffelmire is Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies and Chair of the School of Ministry at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta. He specializes in the theory of interpretation, Israelite prophetic literature, and the use of the Bible in contemporary conversations. He is married, has three children, and likes to cook.

Twitter: @colintoffelmire
Instagram: colintoffelmire