The Great Relocation : The Migration to Eastern Canada

The Great Relocation : The Migration to Eastern Canada

This week on Context: Canadians are on the move. In the past five years inter-provincial migration has grown exponentially. Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia have seen an influx of people moving from neighbouring provinces to start a new life. Most interprovincial migrants come from Ontario.

Between July 1st, 2021, and June 30th, 2022 over 14,000 more people came to Nova Scotia from other provinces or territories than left the area itself. A report from Scotiabank says pandemic restriction severity, housing affordability, and telework adoption all appear to have influenced the trend. Context travels to Nova Scotia to discover why so many people are making such a big step.

YouTuber/Vlogger Reggie from the Road talks about why he moved East to NovaScotia, and found a place to park his beloved trailer. He calls it “Fort Nova.”

We also check in with a couple initially from Ontario who made the big decision to move East, for many reasons, including how COVID affected people and how they acted towards others in society.

Maggie John talks with another Ontario couple who have purchased a business in Nova Scotia which happens to be a hundred-year-old building. Their move also came down to several reasons, including home prices. 

Halifax City Councillor Trish Purdy talks about whether the infrastructure in Nova Scotia prepared for the increase in new residents. And how does the influx affect people who may be unhoused or need extra help to live day-to- day? Maggie also visits the Brunswick Street Mission Food Bank. 

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