The Great Reshuffle: Searching for Purpose at Work

The Great Reshuffle: Searching for Purpose at Work

Some have said we have become a people who live to work instead of work to live.

But Americans are showing that this might be changing.

As companies start preparing for employees to return to the office, more people are leaving their jobs in “The Great Resignation.”

But is the same trend happening here in Canada?

The job switching rate is just 0.8%. But with more than 875,000 job vacancies in the country, it has never been a better time to change careers. 

And while almost half of Canadians say they will look for a job in the coming year, what are they leaving for? 

More money?

Deeper purpose?

Better wellbeing?

Has the pandemic made us re-assess what’s important?

This week on Context, The Great Reshuffle: searching for purpose and meaning at work. 

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