The heart of Christmas

The heart of Christmas

Searching for the heart of Christmas isn’t always easy. It’s not supposed to be, but Christmas can be stressful!

This Christmas on Context, if you’re looking for the spirit of Christmas, look no further. Organizations that don’t get enough credit for the help they give people in dire need around the world – reaching out, and showing the light of Jesus within us.

Because let’s face it, that’s the only real way to alleviate the stress and expectations of the Christmas season.


Karen Schaler, screenwriter and Christmas Camp founder

Ed Epp, Executive Director, Hope and Healing International

Michael Messenger, CEO, World Vision Canada

Rebecca Sherbino, Co-Director, The Raw Carrot

Amanda McNamara, staff member, The Raw Carrot

Jon Miller, COO, Prison Fellowship Canada

Michael and Deanna, Angel Tree Christmas program

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