The hope, miracles, and everlasting power of the Christmas story

The hope, miracles, and everlasting power of the Christmas story

Full Episode: Unwrap hope this Christmas

How we all eventually come to terms with the year 2020 will only be known in retrospect.

Like the Christmas story, this year has been chaotic, shocking, earth shattering, bewildering – full of miracles… and disasters.

The Christmas story is not a fairy tale.

It’s about the life of Jesus Christ.

Although the entire story is the ultimate gift to humanity – the fact that the Son of God was born by a teenage Mother Mary – in a manger in a dirty stable – wisemen called by a star in the night sky in the middle of nowhere is when Jesus’ birth literally – split history in two.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This pandemic, and everything we’re going through is not new for God – who through the generations gives us peace and hope.

Today on Context:  “Getting real” at Christmastime in the age of COVID. Dr. Maggie Mulqueen says we shouldn’t feel “obligated” to push show when this year has been a struggle for everyone.

We can never lose hope. Even during a global pandemic because God is seeing us through.

Sr. Producer, Faten AlFaraj visits the Baby Depot where mothers and their babes are comforted by much needed donations.

Anchor, Maggie John goes to the Daily Bread Food Bank where corporations and communities give the gift of food.

Producer Christine Yoo hits the streets to find out what’s on the hearts and minds of people this Christmastime.

But first – our Christmas miracle story – difficult though it may be – 100 Huntley Street’s Mark Masri calls his dear friend Kimberley Black Tardik’s survival of a brutal attack a miracle of monumental proportions.

Full Episode: Unwrap hope this Christmas

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