A Country Divided

A Country Divided

Few things divide us like our politics. In the aftermath of a divisive election, where East and West, and everyone in between, are everything but united—how can we see eye-to-eye?

In Prime Minister Trudeau’s minority government, the west says they want out, Quebec has voted for the separatist Bloc Quebecois, and the political climate is rife with discontent.

Preston Manning and David Yager address Western alienation, what motivated the young vote, and what the Liberal minority means for religious Canadians

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Preston Manning, Manning Centre for Democracy founder

David Yager, “From Miracle to Menace” author

Lucy Brinkman, Political science student, Redeemer

Rhett Dumonceau, Writer for Millennial Post

Victoria Galea, Hamilton Green Candidate

Mirjana Poljack, McMaster President of Young Liberals

Rob Joustra, Political Science professor, Redeemer

Moira McQueen, Director, Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute

John Stackhouse, Professor of Religious Studies, Crandall University


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