Parliament’s Problems

Parliament’s Problems

What are the hot button issues the new Liberal minority government faces?
As people in Hong Kong continue their pro-democracy protests, how will Canada’s next government handle the tensions between China and Canada?

PLUS changes are coming to contentious legislation in Canada – the prostitution bill is under review, and medical assistance in dying could expand. How will the religious community respond as those changes are debated?

AND freedom of religion is at an all time low around the world. Will the next government stand for the persecuted church?


Nathan VanderKlippe, The Globe and Mail Asia correspondent

David Mulroney, Former Canadian Ambassador to China

André Picard, The Globe and Mail health columnist

Julia Beazley, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Director of Public Policy

Gary Stagg, Executive Director of Open Doors Canada


The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Open Doors Canada

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