Relationships under renovation (Episode 1816)

Relationships under renovation (Episode 1816)

Hollywood has it’s own ideas about love, marriage, and romance, and the digital revolution has changed dating, marriage, and committed relationships.

As we navigate the changing shifts in attitudes and beliefs about marriage – is it okay to still be single? Plus, Andrea Mrozek from Cardus Family on why she’s pushing for marriage and divorce rates to be calculated annually and available to all Canadians.

And, while marriage rates are on the decline, loneliness is on the rise. The shocking health effects of loneliness, and who in our society is the most vulnerable to feel lonely.

But not all relationships are meant to last. See Hear Love‘s Melinda Estabrooks shares her experience of a painful divorce and finding love again.

And, how Castle TV’s Young Once addresses the complicated relationships of young adults searching for love.

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