The King’s music

The King’s music

Kanye West’s ninth studio album  is causing a lot of controversy on both sides of the debate.

Religion in pop music isn’t new – but Kanye’s JESUS IS KING is the latest to stir things up in the world of rap – and crossing over into mainstream pop music.

This week on Context: Industry experts and musicians weigh in to the Kanye West phenomenon.


Jeff Watson, Producer, Singer/Songwriter

Lara Watson, Screenwriter, Co-Founder of Think Love Media

Farley Flex, music writer, Canadian Idol judge

Chris Lambert, Podcast host, Forbes contributor

Meisha Watson, Hey Meisha! Host

Micah VanDijk, Music critic

Curtis Hinds, pastor, Catch the Fire

Dr. Melissa Davis, Professor of Music, Tyndale College and University


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Kanye West’s Jesus is King



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