Canada’s guns and gangs

Canada’s guns and gangs

Canada’s gun problem is on the rise. The latest statistics show a 42% increase in violent crimes involving guns since 2013.
The hardest hit city in our country is Toronto – but it doesn’t end there.

This week on Context – police, frontline workers, victims, and researchers on the root causes of gun violence and what can be done about the growing number of shootings in our city.


Chief Evan Bray, Regina Police Chief

Father André Poilièvre, STR8-UP co-founder

Owen Pelletier, former gang member and STR8-UP member

Annette Bailey, Ryerson University Professor of Public Health Science

Rev. Sky Starr, Out of Bounds founder

Marcia Smith, victim of gun violence

Gregory Williams, Youth Pastor, Hamilton Church of God


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Out of Bounds

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