Canada’s COVID-19 crisis

Canada’s COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. In the grips of fear, people and countries are in lockdown.
It’s a never before experienced event that is paralyzing economies. Government and corporations are reeling in a wave of advice, instruction and guidance. But still, it’s a painful “wait and see” approach as the world is told to practice “social distancing.”
This week on Context, the COVID-19 crisis.


Dr. Allison McGeer, Infectious Disease Consultant

Wayne Duplessis, Canadian living in Wuhan, China at beginning of COVID-19 outbreak

Claudia Chernesky, widow from H1N1

Erinn Oxford, The Dale Ministries Executive Director

Andy Crouch, Author, “Culture Making”


Government of Canada COVID-19 updates

W.H.O. COVID-19 updates and information

24/7 prayer line

Food Banks Canada COVID-19 response fund


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