Election issues that matter to people of faith

Election issues that matter to people of faith

Promises, promises!

As our 43rd federal election rises to find the next Prime Minister – do you feel represented or left out? Hopeful or skeptical?

Our nation’s political leaders criss cross the country, Context takes a look at the issues that matter to religious voters who often feel left out of the discussion.

PLUS a new co-host – long time CP 24 and CityTV News anchor Ann Rohmer kicks off the season, bringing her trusted voice to the Context team.

This week on Context: on the campaign trail – issues through the eyes of the faithful.


Meisha Watson, Hey Meisha! Host

Junior Smith, Digital Pastor, Crossroads

Shachi Kurl, Angus Reid Institute director

Janet Epp Buckingham, Trinity Western professor

Ray Pennings, Cardus executive vice president.

Gordon Pennycook, University of Regina professor in Cognitive Psychology

Luke Wilson, A Rocha CEO

Anne Woolger, Matthew House founding director

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