Movies that move us

Movies that move us

It’s Hollywood’s big night to celebrate itself – and as it does – the world sees visions and themes of our lives reflected back to us. Everything from mental illness and war to marriage and evil incarnate. Plus, another year of snubs – especially for women and people of colour.
And, a film far from the Oscar spotlight but no less controversial – the American anti-abortion film “Unplanned” is causing heated debate here in Canada.

This week on Context: experts, actors, and screenwriters weigh in on the 92nd Academy Awards.
Movie night in Canada begins now!


Brian D. Johnson, Macleans film critic

Chris Knight, National Post film critic

Bobette Buster, Screenwriter and story consultant

April Reign, #OscarsSoWhite founder

Brett McCracken, The Gospel Coalition Senior Editor

Jason Barbeck, Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival founder

Cary Solomon, Unplanned filmmaker

Chuck Konzelman, Unplanned filmmakers

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