Rx – Love and Respect

Rx – Love and Respect

Medical Assistance in Dying – or M.A.I.D. Some call it “merciful and individual choice.” Others call it suicide, even murder.

M.A.I.D. became legal in Canada in 2016. But last year, the Quebec Superior Court ruled that the requirement that a person’s “natural death” must be “foreseeable” is “too restrictive”.

The federal government asked the public to weigh in on M.A.I.D. and what safeguards should be in place as they explore expanding the definition to include mature minors, the mentally ill, and advanced requests to die.

This week on Context: advocates and experts on both sides, and care homes caught in conflicting values.
PLUS: What happens when our elders are abused by their caretakers, communities, and even family members?
Is prescription love and respect in short supply?


Dr. Kerry Bowman, University of Toronto Bioethics

Kevin Dunn, Director, Fatal Flaws: Legalizing Assisted Death

Sherry Janzen, Salem House CEO

Angelina Ireland, Delta Hospice Society President

Mark Davis Pickup, pro-life advocate

Lynn Hazlett, caregiving daughter

Kimberly Whaley, Wel Partners


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