This week on Context: Vaping, pot and our health

This week on Context: Vaping, pot and our health

Vaping was meant to be a healthier way to wean cigarette smokers off highly addictive nicotine. But as it turns out, e-cigarettes are anything but healthy or safe.

Doctors and health officials in Canada are on high alert after thirty-four once healthy people have died in the United States, and thousands more have been hospitalized, after picking up the vaping habit.

Plus, just like a glass of wine? One year after the legalization of recreational weed and the sky has yet to fall. But the detrimental effects of marijuana on the young brain remains unchanged. Next month, edibles will be available for sale across Canada.

This week on Context – experts talk about vaping, pot, and our health.


Dr. Martin Kolb, Director, Division of Respirology, McMaster University

Jennifer May, President of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan

Francois Limoges, Quebec Cannabis Industry Association

Chantal Vallerand, Executive Director, Drug Free Kids Canada

Sean Grover, Psychotherapist

Gene Haas, Professor Emeritus of Religion and Theology, Redeemer University

Mark Ward, Co-Author, Can I Smoke Pot? Marijuana in Light of the Scripture


Physicians For A Smoke-Free Canada

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The Canadian Lung Association

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