Vaccine Passports: The Fight for Freedom

Vaccine Passports: The Fight for Freedom

Are vaccine passports the ticket to freedom from COVID-19 lockdowns? Or do they threaten Canadians’ freedom to choose what we put and don’t put into our bodies?

Provincial governments across the country are implementing vaccine passports for entry into recreational places.

And universities and employers are putting in place their own mandates for employees and students.

The pisions for vaccine passports are loud, especially in evangelical circles. Prominent leaders like Franklin Graham, J.D. Green, and Robert Jeffress are all doing their part to convince Christians to get vaccinated.

But doubts remain, do vaccine passports go too far?

This week on Context, navigating a loving response to vaccine passports and the fight for freedom.

Maggie John speaks with theologian Curtis Chang on his work to debunk any vaccination myths, specifically for Christians.

Constitutional lawyer, John Sikkema, clears up questions we all have around our rights and freedoms pertaining to vaccine mandates at places of employment.

Calgary pastor, John Van Sloten, has instituted a vaccine mandate for in-person worship. He tells Maggie about how he wrestled with making that hard decision.

And The Cue Panel weighs in on the Christian response to the differing opinions around the COVID-19 vaccine.

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