Venezuela in Turmoil – Christians join forces – praying in the midst of chaos in their country

Venezuela in Turmoil – Christians join forces – praying in the midst of chaos in their country

The Venezuelan crisis is showing no signs of slowing down with almost daily anti-government protests across the country. Now Venezuelan Christians and the church are getting involved, sensing their country is going in the wrong direction.

The current uprising began back in April, and is a fall out that’s been brewing since the 2013 death of populist President Hugo Chavez who was succeeded by current and fellow socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro is now a constant target of anti-government protests and condemnation from the U.S. and the world community for pushing his country from democracy into authoritarian rule.

Shortly after Maduro’s election, oil prices began to plummet, and that has thrown the country into an economic crisis – 90% of Venezuela’s economy depends on oil exports. The turning point of this current revolt by a majority of the Venezuelan people came in March 2017 when the Supreme Court decided it would take over the National Assembly, which is controlled by the opposition.

Months of violent protests broke out with most Venezuelans calling Maduor a dictator.

On July 30, a vote was held to elect a constituent assembly – an assembly with the power to change the constitution. The government claimed victory and also claimed 41.5% voter turnout, but the opposition disputes this claim, and the election process has been criticized around the world. The U.S. imposed sanctions, and the EU condemned the election.

Events have moved faster since the controversial constituent assembly was sworn in on August 4.

As the Venezuelan people withstand the upheaval and uprisings they also face severe food shortage and heavy handed government control.

Christians across Venezuela are speaking out in the public squares – fasting, and participating in prayers and peaceful protests across the country.

Hugo Diaz of Movement for the Defense of the Constitution says, “The church has awakened, they are understanding the challenge of the Venezuelan problem and each and every Christian must become an active player in this process of change. Today we see joy in the streets, we see people calling fora change and above all we see the active presence of the Christian church in Venezuela.”

Jose Rivero of the Alliance Youth Leadership says, “We are fasting before the Lord, participating in prayer – asking God to turn the hearts of Venezuelans to God. Many of us decided to participate in this because It’s a matter of supporting a political party, or ideologies.

As Venezuelan Christians step into the light and pray for their country, they know God will hear them.

Juan Maraver of the Evangelical Council of Venezuela asserts, “This is Venezuela’s hour and time – while many see chaos – and are not seeing restoration, God says, I will raise you up, I will bless you.”

The country of Venezuela is important to all of North America, and the world economy, especially in the energy sector.

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