Watch: FAITH UNDER FIRE – Sri Lanka

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Watch: FAITH UNDER FIRE – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Faith Under Fire

Sri Lanka: FAITH UNDER FIRE – a two-hour special about Sri Lanka's complicated past and difficult future as the country heals from eight bombings on Easter Sunday.

Posted by Context Beyond the Headlines on Saturday, August 24, 2019

A special two-hour show featuring Lorna Dueck and a film crew who journey through Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday terrorists bombs ripped through three churches, and three luxury hotels. More than 250 people lost their lives when nine Islamic extremists blew themselves up in eight separate blasts throughout the ancient island nation.

Lorna talks with pastors, priests, imams, and politicians about the terrorist attacks and asks: as multi-faith harmony hangs in the balance – can religious harmony return to Sri Lanka?

Also on the program, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Callum Macrae talks about his film, No Fire Zone that alerted the world to war crimes being carried out in Sri Lanka. Miriam Young of the U.S. Counsel on Sri Lanka tells why warnings about the bombs from the U.S. went ignored by Sri Lankan offiials.

Lorna goes to St. Sebastian’s church in the heart of Negombo where more than 100 parishioners were killed. Three months later the pictures inside the church are shocking – blood on the pews, the building’s ceiling shattered to pieces, and a Christ icon, now encased in plexiglass, bears the blood of the congregants who were murdered. At the entrance, a large plexiglass square protects the floor where the suicide bomber detonated his bomb.


LORNA DUECK, CEO – YES TV – Reporter/producer/host

SUSAN PONTING – Executive Producer and Showrunner



SAMANTHA ZEFFER – Visual Resources Producer and Researcher


 KATRINA DE SCHIFFERT – Associate Producer

 MARK BONE – Camera, Field Director

 MICHAEL DEL MONTE – Camera, Field Director

 AMALIE BRUUN – Line Producer

GRAEME REED – Graphics

Original music score by Tony Blescia and Luigi Patruno


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