What Context Missed: From the Interns’ Perspective

What Context Missed: From the Interns’ Perspective

Our young and fabulous interns at Context spoke up recently about our show last week, CANNABIS CULTURE CANADA?

They had a lot of interesting things to say about our show that I feel is incredibly important to share with you. One of the most important of all – kids are still going to get their hands on pot – so let’s not be naïve to all this. As they say the politicians and adults among them on both sides of legalization – in their view – it has nothing to do with that – but INFORMING AND EDUCATING YOUNG PEOPLE ON WHAT WEED DOES TO THEIR BODIES.

AND So please read on…

Kids can get their hands on marijuana whether it is legal or not, but these kids don’t know the impacts that the drug has on their bodies. They are under the impression that because you can’t get hung-over, over-dose, and pot doesn’t have calories or sugar that it is less dangerous compared to other drugs and even alcohol.

Kids in high school and elementary are taught the dangers of alcohol and drinking, yet there is no mention of the dangers of using pot. Because of the lack of education on marijuana, many teens assume that smoking pot is a better alternative to drinking.

Instead of focusing on the legislation, we need to focus on who is using the drug and why.

Trying to show them why they need to choose not to use pot instead of trying to forbid them from using it will make a greater impact on their lives. We can’t make this choice for them, but through education we can encourage and influence them to make the choice on their own.

I honestly believe that if kids who smoke pot regularly knew what it was doing to their bodies they would choose not to continue. This is why we need to show them the consequences, so that they are not continuing to live in ignorance believing that pot isn’t damaging their bodies.

It comes down to talking about the issue.

Families and schools need to talk to their kids about why they should not be using pot. The source of the problem discussed on tonight’s program is not whether it should be legal or not because the legalization clearly isn’t stopping some Canadian teens, now.

Instead we need to focus on helping Canadians make the decision for themselves to stay away from pot.

WE HEARD YOU!  Great feedback from our three-member intern team – and here, on their recommendation, are some of the health risks of “smoking” and using marijuana;


Scientists have identified 6,000 of the same compounds are produced when smoking tobacco and marijuana, meaning marijuana could be carcinogenic.

  • SOURCE: Iversen L L. (2008). The Science of Marijuana. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Lung Problems

Approximately 20% of regular marijuana smokers complained of coughing, chronic bronchitis, and excess mucus.

Cognitive Impairments

For people under the age of 25, smoking or using marijuana of any kind can cause cognitive impairments and loss of IQ, because the brain continues to develop until the age of 25.

Mental Health Issues

“Regular cannabis use in adolescence approximately doubles the risk of being diagnosed with schizophrenia or reporting psychotic symptoms in adulthood.”


Contrary to popular opinion, cannabis use can create a dependence. 1 in 10 regular users have reported a dependence problem, and the number jumps to 1 in 6 if the user started in adolescence.

Impaired Judgement and Motor Function

Marijuana does NOT make the user a better driver! Marijuana impairs judgement, reduces motor function, and slows reaction time. “Two large European studies found that drivers with THC in their blood were roughly twice as likely to be culpable for a fatal crash than drivers who had not used drugs or alcohol.”

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