What does a post-COVID society look like?

What does a post-COVID society look like?

Provinces across the country are opening up as vaccination rates in Canada continue to rise.

What has this pandemic taught us and where do we go from here?

Cardus is asking these very questions, starting with a white paper “Exit Covid” led by Senior Fellow Dr. Robert Joustra.

In a two-night live event, Cardus brought together experts from across different sectors to explore themes of families, care for elders, work, education, childcare, role of government and the role of the church and charities in our society as we move forward after COVID-19.


“In an occasion related to a crisis where people are dying, there has been very little discussion about what that means,” says Geoff Cowper, Chair of the Board at Cardus. “If you look at past crises they have asked the spiritual questions, the faith questions, repeatedly.”

Cardus Vice President of Research, Lisa Richmond echos the tension:

“For centuries the sacred was tied up in our mortality. This year has shown how confused and troubled we are with our mortality. On the one hand, no cost is too great to save lives during this pandemic, except in cases when people want to die and then we should actively assist them through physician assisted suicide. How do those things go together?”

Cardus is spending six months to further explore the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic and how faith will continue to play an important role in society.


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