Why does God allow COVID-19 suffering?

Why does God allow COVID-19 suffering?

Buckle up for the physical distancing storm to last until June 2020? That is the advice of Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes for Health in the USA on our current coronavirus stance.   Dr. Collins is one of the world’s best on the COVID-19 front lines, and should not be interrupted for an interview, so I thank The Atlantic for allowing us all to share the insights of Dr. Francis Collins in this free link on their site.

“I think we’re facing the fact that, at least until June, we all need to be in the space of taking this with the greatest seriousness—and that means every American taking responsibility about this and not coming up with reasons why it’s not necessary,” Dr. Collins told The Atlantic in a March 17, 2020 article.

Dr. Collins is a man of sincere Christian faith, and it was a career highlight for me to interview him after his ground breaking work that led to the mapping of the human genome. That June 2000 news from Dr. Collins and his team was a discovery that is now used in providing a lifegiving road map to curing disease in our bodies.

I think Dr. Collins’s words from his earlier 2009 interview on Context, where he explained his views on suffering and God’s providence, are a needed reminder on trusting God for strength to face tomorrow:   

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