Wife of Northern California shooting suspect found dead in home

Wife of Northern California shooting suspect found dead in home

In the making of our Sutherland, Texas show – where Molly Thomas and Greg Howes visited the small Texas town, we were horrified to learn of yet another shooting – this time in Northern California (update on this story follows).

On the show, we speak with analysts, pastors, reverends, and people on both sides of the gun debate – trying to make sense of the senseless and unthinkable deaths of 26 people inside their own church – and now in Northern California – including little children.

As we reported on Tuesday night’s show we’d have more on this story in Northern California.

Police say the gunman’s wife was found dead in their home this morning. The wife’s death is thought to be the first of the multiple shootings, according to Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston.

The shooting took place at different locations spread throughout the Rancho Tehama Reserve, north of Sacramento.

In all, five people were killed and upward of 10 more wounded at different locations, including an elementary school.

Thankfully police report that surveillance video shows the gunman trying to enter an elementary school, but he was unsuccessful after school staff locked the outside doors and barricaded themselves inside.

The gunman was shot and killed by police in a shootout.

For more on guns in America and Canada – please watch our show here – we pray it will bring comfort in horrible times like the ones we are living in with far too many deaths by firearms – link to show.

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 CNN story on California shooting.

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