Helping Canadian tenants and landlords find solutions amid COVID-19

Helping Canadian tenants and landlords find solutions amid COVID-19

Last May, the government announced support for Canadian businesses, one of the biggest hits they’ve taken is on office spaces and rent. Maggie John speaks with tenant representative Anna Amy Ho about the various ways landlords and tenants can work together to get through the financial crises caused by the COVID-19 coronvavirus.

Anna Amy Ho helps businesses negotiate spaces and rent solutions.
Anna’s personal story is one of overcoming incredible odds – including witnessing the murder of her mother and aunt by her step-father.

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Now, Anna continues to re-invent herself.

She has worked across non-profit government and corporate industries. After completing her BA in Social Work, she joined Victim Services Toronto as a Crisis Counsellor and Violence Prevention Program Coordinator for three years. In addition to her social work education, Anna spent many years as a trauma and resilience speaker while consulting in the areas of fundraising and program development. Notably, she assisted in launching the Stand Up for Kids campaign, successfully raising over $68 million.

Anna says, “My faith has been pivotal to finding peace and joy during these times of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and the everyday stressors in life. Regardless of our circumstances, there is always hope and something to be grateful for. We must continue to put our trust in God and cultivate a spirit and attitude of gratitude.”

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